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The highs and lows in the stock market are often triggered by catalysts. What can be a better catalyst than the US Federal Elections?

I started investing right before the pandemic hit and I continued to invest around $1k every month since March 2020 in the US and Canadian stock markets.

Let’s get right into the numbers. As of November 3, I had invested a total of $12188 into my Wealthsimple Trading app and my portfolio value was a grand $9135 😂

Yes, I was in negative territory (-25% to be…

When you spot them, run and don’t read their copy.

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They say your vibe attracts your tribe. Social media is unfortunately rigged in such a way that when you like someone’s page or post, you are immediately shown ads and posts of related personalities.

One lazy afternoon, as I was reading a story on how a guy made a million or more selling t-shirts online, little did I know that I will be meeting more than a dozen online entrepreneurs in the next few days with the core goal of transforming my life for the better.

Here are some of…

It’s a lot more than you can guess.

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The US stock market has been recording newer heights every passing week and a lot can be attributed to the bull runs of the technology giants.

Let us look specifically at Apple today.

Selling 1 share of Apple taught me this

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If there is one thing that you should take away from this article, it is this.

Patience pays.

I have always been a fan of Apple products ever since I got my iMac in 2012. I got my first iPhone in 2015, the second one in 2017, and the third one in 2019.

It’s time I owned something more than just their products.


Before it kills your revenue

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You are playing dumb charades with your friends. It’s your turn to act and you get the name of a very simple but famous movie. You are so confident that you will be able to pull it off in seconds.

You start with easy clues hoping it will be a no-brainer for your partner. Sadly, he looks clueless. You bring in your A-game now and yet you lose because your friend could not guess the ultra-simple movie title.

At least that’s what your brain is trained to think. If something is super easy for you, it must be the same…

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I am a big fan of the LinkedIn local meetups and I have attended all seven of them in Toronto and two more in the GTA region. Each meetup has a theme and there would be a lot of specific takeaways on the subject. The 7th LinkedIn Local Toronto edition’s theme was “The Power of Stories”

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Is blogging relevant in 2018?

Starting a blog in 2018. is it worth it?

Is it wise pursuing blogging as a side hustle right now when Instagram, Youtube, Podcasting sound more promising?

A lot of first-time bloggers have these questions. Let’s dive deep into Blogging’s relevance in 2018 and for the next few years ahead.

We are nearing the end of 2018 and before we know it, 2019 will get rolling. Major social networks of the previous decade — Myspace and Orkut are gone. …

The first step in the process of starting a side-gig is to find what you are great at.

On the outset, it seems like a very easy task but it is surely a challenging one and it may take a lot of months too. And there will not be just one thing you are great at. Be prepared to find an array of skills that you are proficient with.

With regards to this article, we are only going to look at your skills that can be monetized to become your side hustle/business.

1. Ask your best friends

Your best friends should be your first stop…

In the current scenario of increasing competition for every upcoming job in the market, the appropriate question should be “when” instead of “why”. Anyways, we will look into why you should start a side hustle.

Side businesses are not a recent phenomenon. There are thousands of success stories who patiently spent an hour here and an hour there in a day to build a solid side business. The additional income brought in by this business can help you achieve your financial goals faster.

Why should you start a Side Hustle?

1. Identify what you are great at

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More than the money that you are going to make from your side hustle, one of the…

They say good things don’t happen on Friday, the 13th. But great things do happen and I was lucky to attend LinkedIn’s Toronto Meetup. It gave me the opportunity to listen and learn from the brightest leaders who constantly spread positivity on LinkedIn. Getting honest advice, LinkedIn tips and strategies from the pros is something we all love and there were a lot of key takeaways from the meetup.

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Here goes the actionable LinkedIn Tips from the best in the trade — Michaela Alexis, Bobby Umar, Manu Goswami and Adam Silverman.

1.Authenticity is the key: Keep your content authentic. One…

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